BUCKS – Final Major Projects

Hand Hygiene - This is a fully integrated advertising campaign, the purpose being to get people to wash their hands more often.

Hand Hygiene - Ambient Media. Given to people in clubs, pubs and bars. The left used in places with ultra violet lights and the right for those without.

Hand Hygiene - Thumb Wars Skyscraper on Social Networking Sites like facebook.

Hand Hygiene - Website, where you can choose where you want to wash your hands with a link to Google Earth. Plus a Challenge a friend option.

Hand Hygiene - Direct Mail

Hand Hygiene - Letter inside DM

Krispy Kremes - 96 sheet poster

Krispy Kremes - Donut weighing scales, you're never too heavy for one more donut

Krispy Kremes - Spare tyre swimming ring sent to participants who send in tokens from boxes of Krispy Kremes

Smoke Alarms - Cursor starts burning through your homepage until you click to install a Smoke Alarm.

Smoke Alarms - Text appears to delete your mobile contacts.

Smoke Alarms - DM

Staybrite Windows - Poster

Staybrite Windows - Poster

Staybrite Windows - TV, an invisible dog fight.

Staybrite Windows - DM, that you open and you hear Construction Sounds.


Completed at BUCKS uni.


Hand Hygiene, Krispy Kremes, Smoke Alarms, Staybrite Windows